Shakespeare – Author or Avatar?

In 2009 in London he attended a Masterclass at the Theatre Royal Haymarket with the famed Shakespearean actor Sir Derek Jacobi talking about his life and career.  At one point in the discussion, the Authorship Question was mentioned and Jacobi recommended a book “Shakespeare’s Unorthodox Biography” by Diana Price.  He read the book, and became really interested in the Authorship debate and read widely on it.

On 30th April 2014 Alain chaired a debate with the several leading Shakespeare scholars including Alexander Waugh, Ros Barber and Bill Leahy on Fleet Street in London.  The motion for the debate was “Does the Authorship Question Matter?”.  In the runup to the debate he penned this poem on it:

Who are you – William Shakespeare?

Does the Authorship Question Matter? 

The debate was very well attended and received a report in the Spectator which you can read here:

The debate was also reported in depth in the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship site. Click here for details.

In 2016, Alain created a one-man show that asked…”Who Are You William Shakespeare?” A DVD of the show is available at Alain’s live performances.

Alain was first introduced to William Shakespeare when he saw Kenneth Branagh’s film of “Much Ado About Nothing” in 1993. Three years later he performed in his first Shakespeare production “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with Texaco Theatre School, which stimulated an interest in Shakespeare that has stayed with him ever since.