In 2011, Alain founded Paper Tiger Poetry at the Tea House Theatre and hosted the event from 2011-2015. The event continues to run at the Tea House Theatre under the stewardship of Jason Why.

Alain has been on the performance poetry circuit in London since mid-2007.   Alain writes about Asperger’s Syndrome, mental health issues along with other diverse topics such as snooker, Shakespeare and Palestine.

In the past years he has taken part in numerous open-mics and featured at several others –  including Word4Word, A Spoonful of Poison, and Utter.  In 2013, Alain took part in Silent Cacophony, a London-wide event involving many artists and poets to mark Remembrance Day.  You can read Alain’s account of the experience by clicking here.

Alain has many recordings of his poetry performances online. You can see samples of Alain performing original and classical poetry on his YouTube channel, which can be viewed here.

Alain has been recorded performing at many gigs and has also started creating special videos of some of his poems. You can view some of these recordings below:

A new video of Alain’s poem Love Is… has recently been created, and it’s more than just a recording from gig! Click below:


Alain English, ScotsCare Volunteer, on Aspergers, acting and poetry

This video is about Alain English, his passion for acting and poetry, and about his experience of Asperger’s syndrome and mental health issues:

Alain English, ScotsCare Volunteer, on Aspergers, acting and poetry from ScotsCare on Vimeo.

Tam O’Shanter – Performed at The Burns Night Supper 2016 – Tea House Theatre

Falling Forward  – Performed at Poetry Meets Art, London

Snakes Inside My Ears and Bursting Blisters on My Brain – Performed at Rrrants, London


 The Legend of Annie Inglis – performed at the Pleasuredrome in Waterloo, London

Why Palestine?  – performed at the Pro-Palestine March on the Israeli Embassy, London, January 2009

This is Who I am / The Greatest Game of All / Here’s to the Losers – performed at A Spoonful of Poison, London