See What I See – A Documentary about Autism and Creativity

Alain is currently making a documentary film with Bogdan Alexe of Corralex Media called See What I See – A Documentary about Autism and Creativity. 

Throughout the process of making he is making a series of Webisodes that are chronically our journey making the film.  These are NOT the film itself, that will be coming later. More of them will regularly be posted, so please keep checking back to check up on his progess…

Webisode 1 – Meeting the Director and getting started…

Websiode 2 – Discussing Deeper Concepts

 Webisode 3 –  Heading to London

Webisode 4 – Paper Tiger Poetry

 Webisode 5 – What is Autism?

Webisode 6 (Part 1 of 2) – Auditons and Acting





 Webisode 6 (Part 2 of 2) – BFI and Shakespeare ‘See What I See’.