Alain has recorded several CDs of his poetry. They are available from him at gigs. Please see below for more information:

Emotivation Cover for Website The Emotivation EP

1. ALAG. 2. Nostalgia. 3. Reaping the Benefits.   4. Down the Dole Queue. 5. Green Room Bile.   6. Failure. 7. Tortured Genius. 8. Destiny.





Speaking Cover for Website The English Speaking EP              

 1. This is who I am. 2. Release Yourself.                3. I Need to Work. 4. Finding a Job.                        5. Interview.  6. The Customers Complain.        7. On the Phone.  8. Quantum of Solace.                  9. Porn. 10. The Need for Empathy.                           11. Snakes Inside My Ears (and Bursting Blisters on my Brain).

Cover art by kind courtesy of Ant Smith at 


Dod Street Dreams Cover for websiteThe Dod Street Dreams EP        

1. Medical Assessment. 2. Mental Block.               3. Paradise Lost. 4. Into the Brothel.                         5. Fiddling the Figures. 6. Stock Price People.   7. Prisoner of the System. 8. Age of the Intern. 9. Marching for a Job. 10. Falling Forward.