Alain will have a new book out soon on WCH Publishing called ‘English is a Foreign Language’.

More details to follow…

Alain has had two books published, called An Asperger Actor, and recently Outside In.

Outside In…

Alain English, Outside In is an autistic Scottish man, lays down in these poignant pieces from Outside In  life about living with Asperger’s, along with absurd and funny snapshots of London life. You will never look at Asperger’s Syndrome or London in the same way again Outside In. 

You can click here to buy a copy, or here for a free downloadable extract.

Alain Book 2

“Outside-In Musings on Life as An Autistic Poet” with William Cornelius Harris UK.  This book is £12.00 (PDF £2.00) and can purchased here.

Reviews Include…

Alain’s Snakes Inside My Mind poem is truly stand-out. He has a metaphorical brilliance that colours his poetry and speaks of things that could not otherwise be adequately expressed. Lose yourself in this collection.  - Ant Smith 5*****

Alain is intense; a superb poet & performer:
His poetry takes you through inner & outer journeys that are always powerful; insightful; deep; and personal: His book is energetic & sincere; as is He: Highly Recommended! Tara Fleur 5*****

An Asperger Actor

An Asperger Actor was Alain’s first book, and became the subject of his Edinburgh Fringe show in 2013. You can read a very touching review of the show here, and you can buy a copy here.

asperger actor_pb

“An Asperger Actor” is the story of a conflicted young man who grew up with the sense that he was a little bit ‘different’ to the other people around him. He had an excitable fantasy life that confused his perception of the world around him, leading to bullying and mental health problems dogging him at every turn. He finds his niche doing theatre, as pretending to be other people brings him out of himself. But this is only the beginning of a very long struggle that takes him from the silver streets of Aberdeen to the bright lights of London. This is the tale of a young man coming to terms with who is, and learning sometimes playing yourself is the hardest role of all.